"Our system represents an impressive combination of high-tech and high-touch technology: one that provides a very high level of car protection." Andrey Petrunin

21 04, 2014

An up-to-date car should not only be fast, comfortable and efficient. These days it should also take care of its owner. Car owners should have permanent, remote control of the car’s features and the car should be able to notify the owner’s relatives and the special services in the event of an emergency event. The solution that addresses these issues can be found in the Pandora telemetry system that was designed and developed by Russian engineers. Pandora 5000 is an impressive combination of high-tech and high-touch as well as a very high level of car protection.

Personal security: The remote control unit of the system is equipped with a SOS alarm button that makes drivers feel safe in emergency situations. In case you are threatened by something or someone, just press the SOS button and all relevant measures will be taken: the system will call your relatives and the special services and will send them the car’s coordinates.

Take control of the system from anywhere in the world: You are always able to control and set-up the parameters of the telemetry system over the Internet or via your cell phone using a voice interface. You can change the sensors, sensitivity at any time, enable or disable the control over various protection areas, and start or stop the engine.

Made in Russia: The telemetry alarm system Pandora was designed, developed and manufactured in Russia. Pandora is a product of skilled, qualified Russian engineers of the “Experimental Engineering Factory”. It includes numerous innovative approaches, brand-new scientific and technical achievements and unique engineering.

Pandora 5000 employs Telit’s leading edge GL865-DUAL modem, which handles all communications between owner and car. It keeps the system online via a GPRS-connection, enables alarm and emergency voice calls to be made and SMS messages to be sent. A DTMF-decoder and digital audio-interface are used to control the sys-tem in a voice on-link mode.


System Pandora 5000: an advanced telemetry alarm system. Features include: DTMF-decoder and a digital audio-interface, as well as numerous innovative concepts.

Which Telit module do you use and why? We chose Telit’s GL 865-DUAL modem. It handles all communications be-tween owner and car and delivers the demanding performance functionality requirements that our engineers required.

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